History 2003

Another hopeless year was in the works for the guild. We were spread out like usual, 1942, Warcraft III and Hubris to name a few games. I was actually playing EQ on Fennin Ro with Dugar and a couple of the guys, was pretty fun but got old fast.

Hubris was a bit of a bright point for the guild, I didn't play personally but from what I heard it was really fun and the guild did really well. Magua had some screenshots up on his web space of GoD in action which I took from him for our site.

Eventually hubris would end because of lack of funding or something, same shit that happens to all other player run UO shards.

Due to the hype, a bunch of GoD gave in and actually purchased the game and played it. I think 10 or so GoD started out at the beginning. Alicia chose the War server because that's where her boyfriend was starting and he was in a large sized beta guild and we could get some help from them, or so we thought. At first our guild was led by Oscar (note: I always get a kick outta alphas names, Lord Darkhelment, Gary Coleman and Babies taste good).

The guys were telling me the game was good, so I went out and bought it and pushed for other members to do the same, they did and we started growing steadily in numbers. We were under a massive guild called Death Head Legion, who's leaders were a bunch of power hungry role playing dunces no one liked. So being the asshole that I am, I talked with other GoD leaders and we devised a plan to break away from DHL and become the TRUE POWERS OF THE UNIVERSE.

We placed our first town titled "Sodom" far away from DHL rule, on an ice island east of the mainland. We settled down nicely, and did what GoD usually does; slaughtered the local populace and raided their towns and XP groups. Our first major fight came with a much larger nation to the north; Blood and Iron. They had raided some of our XP groups, so we got a group together and fucked up their raiding party, then their XP groups, then their city. Our first little war had begun.

We raided their City, they raided our town, etc, basically small skirmishes. We had been deciding to break from DHL for a while now, but somehow *looks at lish* our plans had gotten to DHL leadership and Tyler killed a couple of the DHL IC, so we quickly left the DHL nation and prepared for war (note: this was all premature, obviously). Soon after we contacted our former enemies Blood and Iron to help us defend Sodom. They agreed and within hours the Bane was laid upon Sodom by our former nation.

The bane was set to go active at like 4am in the morning, so no BnI showed to help out, and hardly any GoD were on. I will always remember that group of 8 of us charging at the DHL lines that consisted of 80+, we went down in a blaze of glory, Silk's dwarf warrior had ALMOST gotten 5 steps before he was dropped. So, our town was destroyed and we were homeless. This was in fact the worst thing DHL could have done. Without a town restraining us we started to raid their XP groups. RFYL (Fun For Your Lives, formed of bored GoD guys and some recruits) fell back into the fold. We created Demo teams and during the wee hours of the morning we would fly over DHL city walls, kill the guards and own their lvl 7 buildings...when they logged in the next day their cities would be in ruins. This was the most fun part of the game for some members; griefing the big cities who though they were safe.

We found ourselves at a DHL city almost every night; camping/destroying towns, killing members, rolling through exp grounds wiping out everything we could find. It was impossible for the unorganized zerg to mobilize and catch up to us so long as we didn't engage in prolonged battles, and it was rare that any battle against a DHL group was prolonged at all. It was through these daily excursions into the Empires lands that we patched up relations and made friends of some old enemies; The Fallen Angels.

We had originally met FA just prior to the destruction of our city with less than hospitable circumstances. Felony (FA GM...cocky prick, to this day he still bears a grudge against me for publicly raping him with the template he hated so much, my "Osclar") joined our IRC to discuss our situation and solicit work for his merc guild. What happened when he joined was; he made a smartass comment, then I (Oscar) made a smartass comment. I quickly resolved the situation in a tactful manner. By banning him. I had figured him to be just one of the random trolls we see all the time in our IRC channels. Felony didn't like being banned very much, as we found out later when a bunch of invisible/flying channelers started running around our town killing us afk at the tree. After our town was droppedby DHL we completely forgot about them.

Anyways, while rolling through various towns we would come across FA time and time again. When we first ran into them while raiding a DHL city; they had beaten us to the punchline. Our group rolled into a town looking for some fresh meat, only to find FA had already killed everyone in town. We were somewhat astonished at first - we hadn't known there was another guild on the server with a pair big enough to take on the Empire. The first time we bumped into them we all had itchy trigger fingers. No one was typing anything long that might delay their ability to get off a quick attack if it came to blows. We ended up just hanging out and killing people before calling it a night. We repeated this event time and time again, until Elric decided it would be a good idea for us ally with FA.

We were split pretty evenly on whether or not we felt this was a good decision - it irked some of us simply because we used FA's tree, which meant their tag was the nation tag. After we got over that fact we found we were having more fun than ever. We could log in almost any time and go to a bane, form up a group and roll a dozen xp groups and towns, or take on the sizeable DHL forces that outnumbered us 2:1. We eventually became pretty tight and began using the same TS server.

We found that we had transformed from two smaller guilds into a nearly seamless fighting force (of roughly 40 actives) that consistently took on all of the massively larger nations on the server. Elric was the caller for our wars, and was perfect for the job. He maintained a level head during the massive wars, he could quickly identify and prioritize a target, and his strong Texas accent made it hard for someone to mistake his voice for someone elses (HEAL REDMAGIC HEAL REDMAGIC!!! Rest in peace, Red).

Some of our fonder memories during this time are; the 6 hour PC bane on BnI that broke PC, the beginning of the our most humiliating insult; the scepter beatdown, stealing RP'ers forum sigs, and the "King of the Hill" battles. The King of the Hill matches were in-house matches between all the particiapants of a raid. When the most desired loot was up for grabs we would have the King of the Hill matches to see who deserved it most. We would all pile into a large building, find a spot to start out at, and begin stalking each other throughout the building. The champion of the match won the item.

DHL left the server because it was impossible to destroy BnI (the game mechanics at that time would not allow for large scale battles, people would stand still and timeout after a minute) and they could not take us with their slow unorganized playstyle. Most of the ex-DHL had taken refuge with PC, but their spine had broken at the failed siege on BnI. Shortly after GoD began raiding PC frequently, demoralizing them to the point that they would log off instead of fight us. BnI came in shortly after and swept up the remains. The only guild remaining worth fighting was Blood and Iron. I don't even remember how the first fight began, but before long we were raiding Ice Isle the same way we had raided the mainland and the bogs.

War server ended with BnI and allies camping FA's town in the "Green Acres" styled piece of land in the top left part of the map for 14 straight hours before the bane, but after the GM's deleted all the dog houses there. We ended up just working chars while they took the town. The fall of Inferno brought about the split between GoD and FA. We began using our own nation tags for about a month or so before Elric formed LAW which brought about the final destruction of three consecutive BnI's capitals over a 1.5 week period (sadly Attilla had left by the time we destroyed his capitol). We were all so bored with War by then that some of us left for Corruption and the rest of us just stopped playing.

Yeah nothing was accomplished during these months, me and horha were on a competitive 1942 team full of giant 30 year old nerds who thought that actual real life tactical war strategy could be brought into a video game. Others were doing the usual Warcraft III, bunch of guys were still with GoD/TFA on Shadowbane.

That's all I can say, is OMG, GoD being proud supporters of www.wtfman.com for years had heard that they were putting up a pre-cast UO shard, and they PROMISED it would be good. I admit I was skeptical at first, but when the shard released during mid November and I got that old UO feeling again..you know the one, the one you got when you first played back in 1997 and everyone was newbie. We were back.

We firstly devised a money strategy doing tailoring in Vesper, we had all the exact times of vendor spawns and how to double your money and whole guides about how to make money with tailoring. That being said in 3 days we had enough for a large forge and guild stone.

Placing of our large forge at old GoD villa (same as Great Lakes)

SOON everyone was tailoring and chopping wood and making bows, but we had beat the rush and started to rely on other means for GoD to prosper and others to fail. We started doing purple bombing like crazy, and became rich!

We started to macro in our large forge and develop PvP characters, soon GoD would be laying waste to IPY, our large forge was so funny, it was like a maze of people and refresh potions to even get through to the back of the room. I have never seen as much enthusiasm in our guild as I saw in the first few weeks of IPY, EVERYONE was coming back to play with us NatoGhost and Dr. Evil to name a couple.

Soon the pk runs started and man were they fun, here are a couple pics.


Miner killing is fun

Unfortunately all good things come to an end, going on towards the end of the month, RixuS who was a staff member at IPY was booted because he was selling in game items for RL cash and was pissed, so he released EVERYONES account names and passwords. The IPY staff tried to save the server, but the damage was already done, account looting was rampant and in the end IPY had to be wiped.

It was not a good end to the year for me, GoD was doing very well on the 1st IPY, we had a secret 30 second diamond spawn that we macroed at and made like 50k nightly for doing nothing. We could look forward to the new IPY I guess.