History 2002

After days of running home from work and checking the mail, we FINALLY received our Shadowbane packages! Mailed from Ubisoft, it had begun, the problem solvent for all of our guilds woes. As I opened my package from Ubisoft, I pulled out a CD and a second NDA, the CD was a CD-R and on it in written with a black marker were the words "Shadowbane Beta" I was like "WTF" at first, but then I realized that we were some of the first beta testers, Wolfpack was small and the budget was strapped!

I think the patch server was down for a couple of days, but finally we got in and had our first playing hours of the game. It looked OK, but the movement was shitty, and the game was really buggy. But this was the game we were waiting so long for right? So most of us decided to stick it out, we found mobs on the barren landscape, we fought through all the lag and bugs and server crashes, but how could this game be released in only a couple of months?? It was hardly a game, let me say that GoD didn't play this alpha very long. Our hopes were shattered, our veins needed some sort of crack.

Like the previous year, 2002 looked like it was going to be another bust. The guild filled its time hanging out in IRC and playing various games for a short time. Our members were spread out into so many different games that we could hardly make any sort of impact. GoD was not alone in this boat, most guilds we were associated with or had contact with were going through the same thing. Willing members ready to game and whoop some ass, but no quality games out there for their members to play.

So there we were, 30+ GoD ready and willing to spend at least $10.00 a month on a good MMORPG but there was nothing on the market, so what did we do?? You guessed it, back to the original, the game that brought us together! Ultima Online!

For the past little while a few of our die hard UO players were bringing up UO and saying they could help us out if we returned yadda yadda yadda. A bunch of our old school UO acquaintances had decided to start up a guild called DaB, we being the knobs that we are we decided to ally with another guild again.

We were with DaB a little while before things went south, they had a couple of idiots and GoD had me, and I pray upon stupidity so things were not good. We eventually just went back to our own tag and fought against DaB. UO was the same shit, petty guild wars, people complaining about getting ganked, people crying about this and that. I personally quit after a while because it was the same shit just a different time period.

So GoD went back to doing what seemed "original" for the guild, sit in IRC, talk about upcoming games (Shadowbane release mostly) beta tested games, found ways to amuse ourselves. Ghostrider had managed to get his hands on a unreleased single player demo of a game called Battlefield 1942. Most of us had never heard of the game and thought it would be a flop, the demo was buggy but otherwise a pretty fun game, little did we know that after release this game would be such a big hit. We had stumbled upon a premier game, but this guild was not focused on FPS games, we are a MMORPG clan so things would probably not escalate.

Members of the guild had gotten to know each other pretty well, so we decided its about time some of us met up in real life and had a party. People were pretty busy but a few of us managed to squeeze some time from our schedules to have a get together in Toronto. This was not a BC get together, we didn't dress up in armor with card board halberds or any of that, we didn't throw ping pong balls at each other yelling "LIGHTNING BOLT!". We were just a couple of guys who were gonna drink, smoke and have a good time. Ghostrider, Mrev and Bad Magic made the trip up to meet Silk, Huma, Falk, Vanz, Chinnaaa and Belial. horha and Tonx could not make the trip because they had to play UO muahaha.

We mainly watched MRev get stoned while talking about and sharing old school UO stories. We then hit the town to meet up with some locals and most of us got a boner from seeing this HOT midget chick, she was like 3 feet tall but hot as hell with a full rack and everything, it was the highlight of the reunion!

These pictures have been altered to protect certain member's identities

Quite the cannon he has equipped, long live the Peoples Choice!

The lips were also blotched out, because if you saw them... we won't go there.

Here he is, the guild Gnome!! "I'LL GNOME YOU"

You guys often hear me refer to a stirring between my loins when Lish talks to me. Well during this time the guild started to stir, a hit game had been released in Battlefield 1942, 7 or 8 members got it and started playing it like crazy. This was one of the best games I had ever played. So a bunch of us were on 1942, and YES I HATE TO SAY IT, but another contingent of GoD minions had gone back to the most gimped and destroyed game of all times, UBlow, aka Ultima Online.

Why?? GoD why? Why were our members going back to a game/company who had dicked around PKers/PvPers for years, over and over they did us in the ass and we kept running back! Here take our money and fuck us over! Thanks! Oh well, Mrev was the leader of GoD on UO accompanied by Lish, Tyler, Deathstrike and the rest of the UO people.

Also during that time another contingent of the guild had become involved in Dark Age of Camelot, mainly Lance, Oscar, Aze, Myself and Apocalypse. We actually had a great time, we did some PKing but we didn't get that high in level, again the interest level in the game started to drop and people would just stop logging in. But during that time I will always remember Apocalypse's determination to whoop ass, he was level 16 and he kept on going after this level 40 guy, and kept on dying..but he was determined that he would kill him eventually, he must have died at least 20 times, then Lance came down with his level 50 and whooped the guys ass, but oh well, was good to be playing a MMORPG with the guys again, too bad is was not a better one at that.