History 2001

After a while Origin had decided to release Factions on the UO shards, a few of us had been playing already so I thought we would make a return to UO since there were no other games to play at the moment.

We started out as minax. At the beginning of factions there were tones of people to fight. Each faction was maxed out, except Council of Mages due to the fact that their fort was so hard to defend.

We didn't like our faction mates (B*C) and minax was doing fairly well, so we decided to leave minax and join Council of Mages, the underdog. We sure turned that faction around. Ho Chi Minh and company also joined Council of Mages. The faction went from the worst to the best.

We still had a major problem defending our fort, due to the fact that it could be attacked from both sides, after a while origin got the idea and made the base so it was only one sided and much easier to defend, after this we got all town sigils and we were the top faction on the shard.

But the faction hype died down, and most of the faction population returned to Trammel, and things died down again. After being bored out of our minds, we once again left the world of Ultima Online. This run was the last time GoDs Wrath Clan ever fought as a guild on the Great Lakes shard. The guild stone is still on the shard, but no one uses it. Farewell to the greatest game of all times.

After freeing ourselves from UO, we thought we would try our hand at some of the other major games. There were about 20 of us sitting in IRC and doing nothing.

Counter-Strike was the most popular out of all the new games we tried, we had enough people to start a team but no one ever took the leadership to do so. Also you could only play CS for about 3 hours before you got bored and wanted to do something else, also FPS can't compare to MMORPG.

We tried Asheron's Call Darktide about 20 of us bought the game and tried it out but after a month 2 of us were left playing. I thought the game sucked large, vitae and other stuff.

Few of us tried EverQuest but again a no go, leveling based games were just not fun enough, instead of concentrating on PvP and acquiring items and wealth, you had to concentrate on leveling and after playing UO which was skill based, we never wanted to play games that were purely level based.

So what did we do? Well we became IRC warriors. About 25 of us would sit in IRC, talk about old UO days, check out and share interesting websites, and share new music. Talk shit to each other, few of us were on CS, few were still on UO, few were on AC, so we were spread out, but the majority of us just sat in IRC, was quite a boring second half to 2001, but lets hope 2002 will be different.

The guild as a whole was getting prepared for the upcoming hit Shadowbane, was this the game for GoD and our future interests?? It had been hyped up for years and this was the game that the guild had been waiting for, were all our problems going to be solved?? Either way there was a surge of life back into the guild, we were preparing for Shadowbane Beta, the war horns were calling and GoD was ready to whoop some ass in Shadowbane.

The time was here, the beginning of the Shadowbane Beta! We were so excited, about 15 of us had gotten our NDA packages via email! FINALLY the beginning was here, after printing off the 3 documents that were sent to us, filling them out, signing them, trying to fax them to a fax line that was out of service, scanning them and emailing them to Ubisoft, then taking the originals and mailing them to Ubisoft, swearing an Oath of Secrecy and pray.