History 2000

Fighting was still constant throughout January, a few other guilds had joined the mix of fighting. V.D - Venomous Destruction was around as was B*C - The Black Company, but none posed a real threat to us. The PvP on Great Lakes was still led by GoD and M-N. A major change was coming though.

In February our long time allies DOC - Dominion of Chaos was staging a come back to Ultima Online. This was big news, because with DOC it would add another 20-25 guys to our roster. But we did not need them to fight M-N, hopefully with our guild jumping in numbers, that other enemy guilds would be forced to ally and would be able to give us some competition.

M-N had changed their name to D-I - Deadly Intentions, no big difference really, other then Sir Spiggot was leading instead of Aragorn, the majority of the members were the same and the wars continued.

I think it took about a week of GoD/DOC owning D-I for them to make an alliance with V.D but it was not much of a difference, they still got beaten and due to Silens complaining and crying, the D-I/V.D alliance did not last long. With D-I not being able to really compete with us, they dropped out of the major fighting, and we would fight them only once in a while.

Another major alliance was brewing. Between B*C and WID Warriors of the Ice Dragon. And ally they did, this sparked some of the biggest battles I have ever been in during my Ultima Online career.

GoD/DOC won the majority of these battles, but WID did beat us a few times. There are a lot of screenshots from this war in our screenshots section. I remember the final battle with them, which we won. It devastated the alliance and ended the WID campaign.

We had sent scouts to Despise Entrance (WID HQ) to see how many WID were there. I was one of the scouts on my blue character Falk, I also had my main Koochie account open, which was sitting in DOC tower with the other 22 GoD/DOC members. There was exactly 28 WID at their HQ. I had come up with a plan that would assure us a win.

I attacked one of the WID guys and went gray, automatically 8 WID started attacking me, so I ran down the little pathway near Despise and ran for another minute, the WID were still following me and then I jumped on my other account and yelled "GATE, GATE, GATE."

So gate we did, and since those other 8 WID has chased me off on my other account. When we arrived it was only 20 WID against 22 GoD/DOC. The slaughter began, I remember sneaking around the other end with Tazerok and after we had dropped about 10 of them, we saw the 8 guys who had left finally return, but at that point it was to late and they got killed as well.

This battle was the single most exciting battle I have ever taken part in. There are many screenshots in our screenshot section. This was our last battle with WID. Due to the loss they abolished their alliance and were never seen on the shard again.

After WID fled, there was absolutely nobody to fight on the shard, small guilds of 5-10 people tried to make a presence but were quickly disposed of. For some reason tempers flared between GoD/DOC and for a few days we decided to fight each other, there were just a few minor squabbles nothing major.

After a while DOC left Ultima Online, only a few DOC members remained on Ultima Online.

For a while things died down on UO, no one was around to fight, so the guild tried out other games such as EverQuest and Tribes, we had a bunch of guys playing Tribes Shifter_v1 mod and we became really good. So for the majority of this time, we were IRC warriors with a few guys still playing UO. We also tried out Asherons Call but it was a no go due to vitae and we made the mistake of starting on Darktide server. Oh well a New Year was coming, hopefully with new games.