History 1999

With Falk, Huma and a lot of the other core members quitting UO, we decided it was time to let the guilds name rest for a bit and pursue other options. After my brief break I was invited by Bane to join VJ - Vigilante Justice, I accepted and had a wonderful run with them, fought TDC, PKed a ton, was great fun.

Belial joined TKC - The Killin' Connection, and everyone was branching out, Enoch joined DOC etc. After a while in VJ I totally quit UO and had a 3-4 month break. We let our tower fortress decay along with the rest of the houses in GoD Villa #3. We let our Pwk large forge decay as well. In total we let about 10-15 houses decay when we quit. Belial was the only member of the fab 4 who stayed playing the whole time.

During the break, the biggest war ever on the Great Lakes shard erupted. The Famous TDC (SiN, SOB, DDH, FE and VJ) vs. the shard (M-N, DOC, DSS and others). Huge battles, 30 on 30's, the screenshots for these fights are unbelievable. Screenshots from these battles can be found on numerous Great Lakes guild sites.

After the hard part of school was over, Falk, Huma and myself decided to return to the lands of UO and revive GoDs Wrath Clan. I had some diamonds left in my bank. I bought a bunch of house deeds and went hunting for the location of GoD Villa #4. After a few hours of searching I found a fairly good spot, Koochie and Thorin had houses around there already.

B = Brick
B (that looks like an eight) = Koochie's Brick

During the break, the biggest war ever on the Great Lakes shard erupted. The Famous TDC (SiN, SOB, DDH, FE and VJ) vs. the shard (M-N, DOC, DSS and others). Huge battles, 30 on 30's, the screenshots for these fights are unbelievable. Screenshots from these battles can be found on numerous Great Lakes guild sites.

We started to develop our characters to fit in with the new PvP patch's that were in (Evaluating intelligence and Anatomy). My archer/mage combo just would not survive back then. So we became mages and spent the first month, selling diamonds and working characters.

With our characters full developed and our large brick stocked to the brim with regs and equipment. We were ready for the beginning of our fight to shard supremacy.

Belial and Huma hung around a lot in Minoc and Minoc North, for some reason they got into some shit talk sessions with a local Minoc guild, TDE - The Dark Exile, they were tempting them to declare war on us and to our surprise they did declare on us. They were all Minoc trash 5x GMs with blacksmithing, 3x gm with Tinkering, everyone knows that Minoc trash. I must say, it was the biggest slaughter I have ever seen in my whole life, we were winning outnumbered 5 on 2, 10 on 5 these guys were hardly enough to mention, but the following screenshots were just funny to include:

They did get us warmed up and back into the pvp spirit though, which was a good thing. Two weeks after declaring, they decided to undeclare on us.

After the TDE war, our large brick became the hot spot of the shard. We had every guild come there to fight us, we even had PKs come and try to pk us. We were winning a lot. We fought VC, BC and many others who I have forgotten by now. It was the shit for wars. We would login and have people outside ready to fight, instead of running around looking for them but good things never last, the enemy guilds stopped coming around, and we were lonely once again.

I remember going to Magincia looking for oranges, and me being the shit talker that I am often got into arguments with this guild BC, we had already declared war on them, but they had not returned the war. Eventually my shit talking got to them and they declared, I remember running to Magincia and owning 3-4 of them right off the bat.

They used a lot of dragons and blue healers, which was a major advantage for them. What is funny is they always claimed that "we never use blue healers" but I would go in their IRC and get the blue healer bitch's to admit it, I found some old screenshots of those hookers admitting it. But either way, B*C got owned hard, for 2 to 3 months we showed them what pvp was about. Here is my favorite screenshot of all times, read what Pheo had to say.

Towards the ending of the war, we had B*C members wanting to leave that pitiful guild and join ours, NatoGhost we acquired from B*C, what a steal he was!

In the end, B*C declared peace to us, their reason for doing so was "stone troubles", yet for some reason they were still fighting ALL of their other enemies except us, so in truth, they got owned and could not take losing to us anymore, we moved on to harder opponents.

While the clan was looking for new enemies, we stumbled upon M-N - The Mystic Nomads. We saw them around a lot, but we had never fought them. We saw some names in their guild that we had fought before, but we did not know much about them, and they didn't know much about us. We noto pked some of them when they were gray, which basically started the war.

I remember our first major fight with them. It was a standoff in Deceit lvl 4 Fire Elemental hallway. One of them went gray and we all jumped him, but they kept on healing him, and we spread out our guys, attacking other grays, and the other m-n guys just started PKing us, We got beaten pretty hard and I remember thinking "damn these guys are way to good for us".

We were not going to let it go at that. We knew we could beat these guys, we had just grown slack in our skills, since the guilds we were fighting for the past 4 months where pretty shitty, these guys were more skillful then those guilds, so we just had to up it a notch.

Later on that night, we wanted a fair battle with M-N, we had 6 people on while they had about 12-15. So we decided to have a 6 on 6 at Covetous Entrance. We turned Order for the fight so no one had to go gray.

The Combatants:

Guild Competitors
GoD Silk Falk
M-N LightBlade Tank
Balor the WearyFaux
Scooby DooSir Spiggot

The result was that all 6 of the M-N died, and the ONLY reason Belial was dead, was because a chaos guy, Mayax stumbled upon the duel, jumped in and killed Belial, we killed him as well though, so in truth it was GoD 6 - M-N 0. What is funny was that we had decided that looting was allowed, but after we dropped the first 3 of the M-N, OTHER M-N members were recalling in and rezzing the dead and we did not even have time to loot, all of M-N were using Vanq weapons and we were using Gm made. At the end of the fight there was the 6 GoD there and about 10 or 11 M-N. For a little bit none of the M-N were talking, we thought something was up, RIGHT after the picture of this pic while everyone was looting and talking, obviously very upset with their loss, M-N dishonorably started to attack us (not even 1 minute after the duel was finished), so I gated out to Jhelom, they all followed, I recalled to our guild stone and instantly changed us back to Neutral, I come back to Jhelom and wow, the guards had killed all of the M-N, woot! What a night for us. And another funny thing, was that M-N kept on trying to defend what they did, but everyone knew what they did was wrong.

So going into the war there was a lot of hatred between the two guilds. This war would rock the shard for almost a year. This was the biggest war on the shard, between the best two guilds on the shard and by far some of my most fun days playing Ultima Online.

GoDs Wrath Clan

We had a lot of loyal members, but a lot of them would lose in one on one duels, so individual pvp was not our area of strength. We had good leadership and tactics. Myself, Belial and NatoGhost lead the guild while in battle, and we did a damn good job. Often being outnumbered we had to rely on our tactics to win, ambushes, divide and conquer and walls of stone.

The Mystic Nomads

They had a lot of great solo PvPers, guys who could win in duels. Aragorn could have been a better battle leader. Their tactics were just run in and fight, which caused them to lose a lot of battles. Complained about GoD using horses while they had an army of blue healers with them.

The fighting went on into the New Year. Fights were pretty even. GoD won some, and M-N won some. There was lots of shit talking on the msg boards, and we were fighting every single day.