History 1998

Belial, Falk, Huma and Silk (a.k.a.: The Fab 4) were Vesperites who were all friends and wanted to start their own guild. After hours of thinking what a good guild name was, we decided on Pwk, The Pandorian Wolf Knights.

We started to save all our gold and finally we bought a large forge. With the help of our friends Tower of Thornes we ventured north of our beloved Vesper and placed the first house of Pwk. We were extremely happy and we managed to keep it secure for about two days before we gave the key to one of your new members and he lost it. Rodney King was the culprit and looted our forge clean.

F = Pwk forge
T = TT Tower
Dot = Pwk Loot house

We overcame that obstacle and placed a second smaller house just east of the forge, that is where we placed all our prized possessions. The forge was used for the guild stone and a meeting place. We also placed vendors there to hold loot, which (back then) could be stored on there with no price or weight limit.

Pwk had some great members. We spent countless hours going on dungeon runs to Hythloth and Minoc North. We spent time around our forge and when we got better, we went on Pk hunts with our friends in TT.

I got this information from UOGL, which proved Pwk's existence!

Everything was going great for Pwk. We had loyal members, and were making a lot of friends in the community. We were expanding our horizons, venturing to dangerous dungeons such as Deceit (where the Keeper PK'd me with one hacked character with 300 archery and 300 tactics, one shot = corpse of Silk). Silk, Falk and Belial were Great Lords, Huma was Honorable (char was bugged). Pwk had started up a little villa of our own; with members having tents surrounding our large forge. We had even made friends with a Pk, Decimus Maximus, who owned the keep directly to the left of our forge.

One day I login to UO and to my dismay sitting in our forge was two red characters, the Dread Lord Belial and the Dread Lord Falk. I quickly asked what happened to their characters, they advised me that they had decided to turn pk. Betrayed!!! I was heart broken, I remember calling both their houses and telling them off, I stopped hanging out with them at school. I was so betrayed, my fellow Great Lords were now the scum of the earth, evil, vile, PKs!

It took a whole week before I was a Dread Lord as well. Belial and Falk had convinced me that it was OK and we would not pk the people we knew. Before I knew it the whole Pwk Clan was pk. We had famous PKers such as Mad Martigan the expert Archer, Able the Adept Mage and Van Horstman the master miner. Quickly word spread around the Vesper community that Pwk in fact did turn Pk. Belial and Falk were the mages, I was a gm archer (had a bugged crossbow that could kill in 1-2 shots) and Huma was a mix of archer/mage but in the end he was just the looter. We had no idea of guild politics and we were PKing everyone we saw. I often remember those unexplained words of "stop, I'm bane... oOOooOo" and we were like "Who is bane?" We went PKing in our local minoc/vesper area and that's about it. We had a secret loot abode that NO one except Pwk members knew about, this is where we sparred and played in safety since our forge was becoming a hot spot for anti's.

We continued to pk fairly successfully. Many a corpse was made by the mighty Pwk. But we wanted to expand our area of PKing, not just limit it to Minoc/Vesper area. We could not really convince anyone to turn pk with us and most Minocian and vesper people were newbie.

One day I was running Huma's character to the chaos shrine and I saw the feared GoDs Wrath Clan [GoD] a big group of them fighting a bunch of anti's at the shrine, I ressed and Keeper gave me a bag of regs and yelled "FIGHT". So fought I did and fought pretty well.

After the battle Keeper gated to their Britain villa and started asking questions about Pwk and I. I gave him the low down, and outright he asked if Pwk and I wanted to join GoDs Wrath Clan. I let him know I would talk it over with the others and get back to him.

We did join GoD, but under something called "GoD Division Two" which was led by myself, and I still had command over all the Pwk dread lords.

After becoming GoD division two I started to recruit for my division, we got a ton of good guys Dread Lord Venom, Dread Lord Xan, Dread Lord Mat Cauthon OSC, Dread Lord Apocalypse and the list goes on.

Upon joining, Keeper gave me 200 diamonds to build a villa for GoD Division Two. We placed a tower on ice island, surrounded the front with tents, that was the Fab 4 house, other members used the tents out front, small houses to our left, GoD Villa number three was born. We would meet at "the pond" just north of the tower, to stage our PKing runs.

Joining GoD allowed the Pwk guys to learn about "Big" pk raids, instead of killing a few newbies at the local spawns, we were doing 20 man raids, and fighting large battles with anti's and other pk clans. Our confidence was growing rapidly, and we were making a name for ourselves.

Unfortunately all good things must come to an end and Origin made one of the biggest mistakes ever, The Reputation patch.

Then came the...*shudders*...Reputation Patch, with no more dread lords, we tried out the guild war thing. A lot of our older members including our first guild master, the Keeper quit Uo because of this. So, I on the Keepers request took over the guild.

I always remember that first day of rep patch, in town seeing all your other dread lord buddies, actually being able to open up my bank. I was "the wicked Silk".

It was hard trying to control and lead a bunch of guys who were in the guild before me and also the fact that half of them probably thought they should have been the rightful leader of the clan. I thought what better way to get the guys gelled together then by WAR!!

Ewk was first on our hit list, many a battles were fought in East Britain, Rockafella and his crew, we did extremely well against them, I remember watching Belial take out 4-5 of them at once with daemons, the whole lot of them were melees. During that time we were also fighting small battles with POL and POV but nothing to major.

With our guild numbers depleted and our enemy numbers increasing, we decided it was time for a different approach to guild warfare.

Bringers of the Apocalypse

We had never really had an official alliance before, except for Bane in dread days but that was just a mutual thing and people were friends etc.

Slaid was one of the main PKers who decided to stay after reputation patch. He had taken a bunch of the old school PKers and made a guild called BoA - Bringers of the Apocalypse, his numbers were depleted as well. Since almost everyone in both guilds had been PKing with each other for the past months. What better idea then to ally up with each other.

GoD members jumped on the BoA stone, Slaid and I were leading and we were ready to kick some ass. First guild to get their asses handed to them were HoD, I remember some major Trinsic fights with them, and they got destroyed. They disbanded during BoA's reign due to too much ownage.

The second guild to get it was CDE - Church of the Dark Empire. Alaric Magnus and crew. I remember provoking them in Deceit, they were fairly big but would not war us, but eventually we got to them and war was declared. It was short lived, CDE got a major beat down and in the end they declared peace.

Over the next while we fought many smaller guilds, such as ROL - Rangers of Light. We lost one large war, and that was the war with HB - HonorBound. They just owned us period. They used much better organization and skill. After the massacre Slaid left UO and GoD went back on our own stone, with us we took the remnants of BoA, we picked up a lot of good members who are still with the guild today.

Knights of Vengeance

We were on our own again, but not for long. We started to run around with KoV, and the 2 clans were fighting the same enemies so we thought lets ally up and kick some ass. Another guild was added to the alliance AoV - Angels of Virtue. We had a large guild: GoD made up 40%; AoV made up 40%; KoV made up the remaining 20%. We were huge. We did a lot of PKing as well as guild wars, I remember fighting DSS, *R* and various other guilds. We were winning hands down. We were the top PvP guild on the shard.

Then on comes Sinister, we were beaten down badly. They had skillful PvPers with a lot of organization. They would ALWAYS use purple pots, they would toss like 100 pots into the KoV front lines, and half of us would be dead before the battle even begun. It was such a shock, going from owning the whole shard to losing almost every battle. Things with Sin quieted down after, Death was hacked, he quit, so we decided now as the time to leave KoV and again do our own thing. We were done with alliances for a while.

During this two-month time period, is when GoD got huge. I remember at one point having 70 different members on the stone, and during our fights, we would have 2 or 3 different groups going around looking for oranges. We wore the famed purple robe, which the guild used until the end of our days in UO.

We had many large-scale enemies and battles. GSV, * R * , GLV, VJ, SPA, the Eldar. And the rest I cannot remember. This run was probably our third best ever. We had huge battles, 20 on 20 etc.

I remember one battle with GSV, we had been skirmishing for a bit but we called a battle, 25 on 25, at Deceit level 3. We had our 25 ready but GSV had 25 GSV ready, 10 FE, 15 Retribution plus other oranges. So it was about 50 on 25. We did fairly well in the battle though, we lost 13 out of our 25 but we had managed to kill 8 of them. Which, considering the odds, was a pretty well fought battle.

We had one MAJOR battle that will probably be the best remember victory ever. It was the whole day battle for GLV Keep. Astrotuba a good friend of the guilds called guards on a flagged GL member, he looted him and got keys to every GLV building on the shard. I knew where the keep and other houses were located so I went there and went inside the keep and instantly got attacked by GLV members. After recalling I grabbed a bunch of guys and we scared all the GLV guys out of their keep and about 10 minutes later, GLV, BD and a few other guilds declared war on us, so I declared back. We were screwing around in the keep, looting stuff and nothing was really happening so the majority of the guys went out to fight other people. I stayed along with Huma, Rezo, Devon Kain and Minester. When only the five of us were there was when they attacked, 30 to 40 of them, all orange! We started to barricade the front entrance to the keep. We had tables stacked upon tables with bags of flour on all the tables. Rezo had anticipated an attack and had a keg of greater explosions with him. He positioned himself in one of the side slot areas. The enemies charged and we stopped them, we were totally outnumbered. Rezo was throwing his potions, and we were fire fielding them etc. They kept on attacking, sending wave after wave, the battle lasted the whole day. We did not lose one person.

For some reason, I had got bored of the GoDs Wrath Clan tag and had decided to try out a new name with some of the same people and some totally new faces.

I formed a guild called NBK - Natural Born killers. I wanted to avoid having over 30 people in the guild, because I was finding it hard to organize and lead such a large sized guild. We practiced to become an organized and an efficient killing force.

We fought a lot of people at Yew, including ToM - Temple of Mondain, we slaughtered them quite easily and we never really fought an official war, nor did we lose to anyone.

NBK lasted just about a month, before I totally got fed up with Ultima Online and running a guild and I took a break for a few weeks.