History 2005

We began 2005 giving WoW the old college try. We finished our characters at a leisurely rate in February/March and began PvPing as often as we could. There were all sorts of little hot-spots throughout the world, but the most enjoyable for many of us was the neutral town of Gadgetzan. There was a perpetual cornucopia of Horde willing to fight in the area, due to a shortage of Alliance PvPers serverwide. The irritating thing was that roughly 60% of the Horde were Undead Rogues, so it was not uncommon to be killed instantly by 5 rogues. Even with that in mind, it was the best time for PvP in WoW. It was before people were completely focused on farming honor points. It was also before the majority of the carebears farming MC/BWL/etc. were given any incentive to PvP, as they could not attain any gear from PvPing. People were PvPing for the best reason; enjoyment and competition, and the equipment - which essentially defines a character in WoW - was nearly the same across the board.

Battlegrounds and the honor system were introduced a short time later, and it was immediately apparent the game we had been playing as a pastime was quickly boring us. We took to taking up special positions and roles in PvP to entertain ourselves. Our most entertaining game by far was inside the 40 man Battleground, Alterac Valley. On Archimonde, PUG's did not win the AV; it was a simple fact of life. As such, the Horde spent a good amount of time running from GY's to the stalemate line outside the Alliance base while people would run up the sides of the towers to kill guards. Our little game - dubbed "Highway Robbery" - was to plant one person out in the middle of the road (usually Static on his Paladin) seemingly not knowing that he lay directly between the Horde army and their res point. The Horde would dismount and attack, the paladin would keep himself alive. Myself and sometimes another member or two would be mounted and hiding behind trees and rocks waiting for the moment to strike. Upon receiving the call "FOR GREAT JUSTICE" in TS from Static, we would charge in and lay down some paladin/warrior justice. While it was basically just a horribly obvious ambush tactic, we had a great time just being silly and putting a theme to raping peoples faces off.

After a few months playing WoW the guild collectively lost interest and began looking for other ways to pass the time until Darkfall. As the guild became bored, it returned to a distraction it had been enjoying for some time; Wc3:DotA. DotA was a mod within Warcraft 3 that lent a PvP-MMO style approach to an RTS, and was incredibly successful. It was intensely competitive, skill based, and highly dependent on team strategy. For many members, this was our prime game for the next 6 months or so.

I should mention that although the guild became aware of, registered, and began involving itself with the Darkfall forum community back in 2003, it wasn't until 2005 that we really started to see a progression in the way things were being handled that bolstered our confidence in this most excellent of endeavors. It was during this time that we began to brainstorm about what we wanted to accomplish in Darkfall and would hit refresh several times a day to see if there were any updates to the Darkfall site.

Shortly after this, a frequent visitor from our past deigned to visit us once again; the spectre of UO long dead! More player run UO shards were popping up left and right, with constant invitations from players and hosts to come play on the servers. A few of the UO4life members began playing the Redemption server. It was at this point that our previous GM came back and cajoled the guild into playing UO:Redemption as a guild. Before even half the people had finished their characters this turned sour and led to a huge ordeal that almost tore the guild apart. We managed to avoid anything too catastrophic from occurring by keeping cool and keeping each other informed. Lots of drama went down, but it's water under the bridge.

After a couple of months playing DoTA and various other free games we drifted back into WoW; but we wanted a fresh start with something different. It just so happened that a new server was opening shortly, so we quickly rerolled characters on the Detheroc server as Horde. We had decided prior to rolling our chars that we wanted to join a larger guild as opposed to running our own (to avoid having to manage raids) so we joined up with a relatively organized guild. It quickly became apparent that we would require more than the standard packaged game to entertain us.

I quickly devised a solution...if we could not pk our own teammates, why not PK the guild? It was quite simple. I would be obstinate and overly forceful on an issue that the guild was split down the middle on, but had very little actual importance. In the first case it was whether or not a known Chinese gold farmer should be allowed to retain guild membership. I would constantly publicly harass the guy, and while the farmer himself did not understand what I was saying, his supporters did and took offense to it. Keep in mind nobody could communicate with this guy, so I have no idea why the GM didn't simply remove this guy when it became enough of an issue for people to argue about it all day long. Anyways, it got to the point that I was annoying/championing so many people that I became a threat to his "authority". The GM kicked me from the guild. Immediately after my booting, the 8 of us that were online quit the guild simultaneously, citing their friendship to me, their anger over the GM choosing a foreigner to a countryman, and all sorts of other silly stuff. This prompted the people who agreed with the way I spoke about the farmer to quit the guild as well. This in turn prompted people who had been having doubts about the guild in the first place and the guild hoppers to quit the guild. Before the day was through the guild had been disbanded and we had quite a long and hearty laugh in Teamspeak.

We went through the same song and dance perhaps two weeks later with another guild using some other minor issue, but we quickly became bored with WoW once again after the novelty of our new sport had faded away. Our accounts started gathering dust perhaps two months into our second stab at WoW.

During this time Dreoth and his irl cronies as well as a few of our original old schoolers were hitting up Guild Wars. GW enjoyed some popularity for a short while and Dreoth recruited a few people, but I suppose the tedium of the game finally got to them.

For the most part we spent the latter end of '05 playing DoTA, various Wc3 mods, and a host of other free and open beta games. After the Clan Beta registration in Darkfall we chose to not dedicate ourselves to anything as a guild as we hoped that the Darkfall beta would be just around the corner, and we did not want people to be distracted when it started. Our DoTA CAL team even passed up a sponsorship as they were so certain Darkfall would be released immediately.