History 2004

After having our hearts broken by the shard reset of IPY we decided to get our bearings set in the right direction and start again for the second time.

The second around time it was much easier. We had an undying dedication to rule the game we had previously dominated. It began with everyone working our characters in town and farming once they were completed. We farmed a lot of gold with Mennovh farming the most gold out of all of us (500K).

We then placed our Tower in the traditional GoD villa spot. We even had guards that would watch over our tower in case of emergency...actually we just had one. His name was DaFaygo, but he did a damn good job at it (ignore that corpse of his in the top right).

As time went on we began placing our individual houses; the entire area was ours. Every house nearby was owned by a GoD member. Our runehouse and north of villa:

As you can tell from the screenshots we liked to duel around and practice fighting with each other to get ready for what is to come. We were then ready to take this shard by storm.

The first enemies we bumped into were SAS. They were the biggest joke of a guild we have ever fought against in UO. They would outnumber us and we would simply slaughter them. They had no group skills, no organization, no nothing.

We then fought our old allies DoC. They tried to bomb us at the entrance of Wind. It did not work out too good for them.

The Guild -S- then joined the scene. They got demolished. This is a screenshot of a fight where they had 15 and we had 7. Lucky for them a few of them managed to get away.

KoC was in there somewhere. They were an infamous guild from chessy lead by metal on here. Unfortunately for them GL > CHESSY.

The great guild SSJ from Atlantic also blessed us with their presence. SSJ was Atlantic's pride and joy; the only shining hope for Atlantic as a whole. After Atl realized they were on par with SAS they took a trip out to the eternal graveyard of has-beens.

IPY was even big enough to put together its own band of morons consisting of 2 duelers and 94590 bodyguards. After they decided to question our even numbers skills we handed it to them 8v8

followed by

After we thoroughly owned the shard on all levels the guild FS! came. They gave us a rude awakening and beat us a few times using ZOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMM PvP. After some frustrating skirmishes we adapted and they fell as well.

Towards the end of May the guild grew tired of IPY due to a lack of competition and started to look into and play other games.

Lineage 2 was a leveling grind in every sense of the word. I remember grinding for the entire period of the open beta and only making it to level 28 or so. I won't deny that we had some wonderful times griefing the Asians that played the games (Refer to the stories section, "Your Children Have No Asshole"). Aside from that, the only true enjoyable times to be had in the game were tricking people into going purple so that we could gank them. The game was much too harsh towards people who wished to engage in non-consensual PvP. I don't believe we had more than 2 people that actually purchased the game.

It began with 6-7 members being bored and feeling the urge to kill people, so we started playing Shadowbane again. We moved some of our resources over to Mourning from War, and had our city up and running within a week. During construction of the city and ranking of the tree and buildings we kept our true identities a secret - but as we all know, secrets are never kept for long. Word of who we were and what was coming was spread via threats and tells by some members. We did the best we could to diffuse situations early on, but when the tree was fully ranked to R7 we adopted our true crest. In less then one hour after transferring the tree to the GoDs Wrath Clan tag, the bane declaration popped up in our guild chat.

The night of the first bane on Sodom we had 9 people online with at least two having 2 full weeks of Shadowbane experience and a couple others having not played for over a year. We had some ties to UDL at this time from fighting them on IPY and they were helping to level some of our newer guys and alts. They eagerly offered assistance with our bane but seeing as how the nation baning us seemed pretty weak we respectfully declined. They said the offer would remain open throughout the bane and to call upon them if needed. The fighting started about an hour before the bane went live. We were outnumbered heavily with six different nations attempting to destroy our city. At one point it was reported to be 42 on 9. But, the combination of our walls, spires and superior skill was more than a match for them. We killed them all numerous times as the night progressed then with less then five minutes until the bane went live a wildcard showed up. The guild Rerolled, a mercenary company, was hired to help win the bane for our enemies. They were not the unorganized enemy we were fighting just a few minutes earlier and they were able to knock us from the walls on their first attempt, which disheartened many of our members.

Silk - our ex guildmaster - was most affected; quitting the game and leaving teamspeak in a huff. A bug on our passwall and translocate spire prevented us from healing it during the fighting so we knew we had to expect incoming groups at any time as we waited by the tree. Sure enough as soon as the spire dropped Rerolled entered with a full group in the northwest corner of the city, it didn't go well for us as 5 of the 7 GoD that charged the group died. Our enemies could taste victory as they sped towards our tree, not knowing that there was 8 GoD in the city instead of the 7 they had encountered. I'm sure as the tree loaded on their screens they were shocked at what they saw. The order had been given and The Undead Lords were now at our tree and were engaging the enemy as quickly as the summon chain could bring them in. within 10 minutes the city was clear and we had 25 UDL to go with 8 GoD. We quickly opened the doors and dispatched the multinational zerg outside and proceeded to knock down the bane stone.

Our city survived, but at what cost? The presence of UDL at our bane soon brought the rest of the guilds on Mourning against us, including The Shipwrecked Pirates. No longer were we fighting small guilds like us and rolling experience groups. It seemed every fight was against the biggest on the server. We still found the time to get some payback on the guild that baned us in the first place, taking four of their cities. As time progressed, we were more and more often stuck defending banes from a constant string of guilds wanting to take us down, and even with the Chaotic Soldiers helping out we were constantly outnumbered and on the brink of disaster.

That was the birth of GoDs Militia, we fought many banes together both offensive and defensive. Some we won others we lost, but eventually having to log into a video game at a predetermined time just wasn't fun anymore and our members began to lose interest in Shadowbane once again. So after only a month and a half we let our cities fall and returned to IRC warrior status.

Over the course of the next few months our shining beacon of hope for a future guild game plodded closer and closer, and eventually arrived; GUILDWARS BETA WEEKENDS!

We all had our copies preordered allowing us access to the events, and we had such a blast playing the game. It was just the thing for a weekend of pure pvp - a short grind to get you familiar with your character and unlimited pvp access whenever you wanted it. I'm not usually one to toot our own horn, but we absolutely destroyed the weekend events. With the exception of Fianna (and I believe KGB once or twice) we rarely if ever lost. We ended several of the beta weekend events inside the Hall of Heroes as the champions because we simply couldn't stop the fun!

Here's us giving some poor schmuck the embarrassing scepter beatdown!

This is how the normal Beta weekend event ended.

And this is the traditional response we get in new games, after we participate in some good natured PvP.

With our success in the weekend events and the amount of enjoyment all our members were deriving from playing, when we heard about a website sponsored guild beta we jumped at the chance. Deathstrike and Oscar headed the attempt; being politically correct as they thought was necessary. Through IRC chats with representatives querying the devs and mods, we attempted to put forth the image we thought the judges would like to see; that of a competitive, respectful, and relatively kind gaming guild. Eventually our vindictive and less than respectful sides showed through.

In the end the competition proved to be a fluke, and some guilds with inside connections got the nomination. But then - a few weeks after the initial decision - we received our beta accounts as a clan, albeit with some difficulty. Two of our NDAs were lost by the processing department at Arenanet, and it took MUCH longer than we expected to process the applications. Needless to say our enthusiasm was more than slightly dimmed. After the 3 months it took for all of our applications to be processed we didn't have the interest to even login and play. Currently we have a couple core members playing, but aside from that we don't exist in Guild Wars.

With what happened in GW burning us out, many of us decided to give World of Warcraft a chance. We did not like the leveling and we had some misgivings about the PvP but the guild as a whole still played it and had fun. We played on the Archimonde server and chose Alliance. There were many problems with the pre-chosen server at release. Namely, Blizzard wanted people to go to other servers so we could not log into Archimonde for a few days. We were one of the few guilds on the Alliance side that had the patience to stay. Our view of WoW was realistic though; it was just a filler for us, something to do until a better thing comes along.