History 2005

After a couple of months playing DoTA and various other free games we drifted back into WoW; but we wanted a fresh start with something different. It just so happened that a new server was opening shortly, so we quickly rerolled characters on the Detheroc server as Horde. We had decided prior to rolling our chars that we wanted to join a larger guild as opposed to running our own (to avoid having to manage raids) so we joined up with a relatively organized guild. It quickly became apparent that we would require more than the standard packaged game to entertain us.

I quickly devised a solution...if we could not pk our own teammates, why not PK the guild? It was quite simple. I would be obstinate and overly forceful on an issue that the guild was split down the middle on, but had very little actual importance. In the first case it was whether or not a known Chinese gold farmer should be allowed to retain guild membership. I would constantly publicly harass the guy, and while the farmer himself did not understand what I was saying, his supporters did and took offense to it. Keep in mind nobody could communicate with this guy, so I have no idea why the GM didn't simply remove this guy when it became enough of an issue for people to argue about it all day long. Anyways, it got to the point that I was annoying/championing so many people that I became a threat to his "authority". The GM kicked me from the guild. Immediately after my booting, the 8 of us that were online quit the guild simultaneously, citing their friendship to me, their anger over the GM choosing a foreigner to a countryman, and all sorts of other silly stuff. This prompted the people who agreed with the way I spoke about the farmer to quit the guild as well. This in turn prompted people who had been having doubts about the guild in the first place and the guild hoppers to quit the guild. Before the day was through the guild had been disbanded and we had quite a long and hearty laugh in Teamspeak.

We went through the same song and dance perhaps two weeks later with another guild using some other minor issue, but we quickly became bored with WoW once again after the novelty of our new sport had faded away. Our accounts started gathering dust perhaps two months into our second stab at WoW.

During this time Dreoth and his irl cronies as well as a few of our original old schoolers were hitting up Guild Wars. GW enjoyed some popularity for a short while and Dreoth recruited a few people, but I suppose the tedium of the game finally got to them.