History 1997

One day Voodoo was out in the forest PKing and he stumbled across 5,000 diamonds just sitting in the middle of no where, he sent an ICQ to Keeper about how he found the diamonds and the two of them quickly transferred all diamonds to the loot house north of Vesper. THE CLAN WAS RICH! Back then gold was scarce but diamonds were worth 120 GP a pop. 600,000 GP that was more then anyone had back then. They got to work and they added another ten small houses around the house north of Britain. They had created the first ever GoD Villa.

A second villa was erected, this one much larger then the first. It included a large tower, two stories, a large patio, and a ton of small houses. They had been talking with a Gm and the Gm suggest we move the stone from the small house it was currently at, and put it on the fire place which was in the clearing just northwest. They agreed and that's where the original stone would stay for a while.

S = Stone
T = Tower
F = Forge
2 = Two Story