History 1997

GoDs Wrath Clan was formed on the Great Lakes shard of Ultima Online. There were four founding members, the Keeper (Darken Rahl), Voodoo (Triptow), Garath (Shrike) and James. The clan had acquired some wealth through mining & monster killing and had placed a small house northeast of Vesper. On the steps of this house was where the first stone for GoDs Wrath Clan was placed.
The guys were extremely bored with mining and killing monsters, so they decided to turn Pk right away. At first they were just PKing miners and people they found in the forest. A second small house was placed north of Britain along the road. Pk operations were staged out of this house and the local populace was terrified of the GoD members, they would pk everyone, no matter who they were or what guild they were in. GoD was a pretty small time guild back then, but things were about to change.