History 1997

GoDs Wrath Clan was formed on the Great Lakes shard of Ultima Online. There were four founding members, the Keeper (Darken Rahl), Voodoo (Triptow), Garath (Shrike) and James. The clan had acquired some wealth through mining & monster killing and had placed a small house northeast of Vesper. On the steps of this house was where the first stone for GoDs Wrath Clan was placed.
The guys were extremely bored with mining and killing monsters, so they decided to turn Pk right away. At first they were just PKing miners and people they found in the forest. A second small house was placed north of Britain along the road. Pk operations were staged out of this house and the local populace was terrified of the GoD members, they would pk everyone, no matter who they were or what guild they were in. GoD was a pretty small time guild back then, but things were about to change.

One day Voodoo was out in the forest PKing and he stumbled across 5,000 diamonds just sitting in the middle of no where, he sent an ICQ to Keeper about how he found the diamonds and the two of them quickly transferred all diamonds to the loot house north of Vesper. THE CLAN WAS RICH! Back then gold was scarce but diamonds were worth 120 GP a pop. 600,000 GP that was more then anyone had back then. They got to work and they added another ten small houses around the house north of Britain. They had created the first ever GoD Villa.

A second villa was erected, this one much larger then the first. It included a large tower, two stories, a large patio, and a ton of small houses. They had been talking with a Gm and the Gm suggest we move the stone from the small house it was currently at, and put it on the fire place which was in the clearing just northwest. They agreed and that's where the original stone would stay for a while.

S = Stone
T = Tower
F = Forge
2 = Two Story

Our first war was with an anti-pk guild named RGB (Royal Guards of Britannia). They were a large powerful guild and no one was dumb enough to mess with them except us. We warred for several weeks and never won a single battle. We would be happy at first to know that we killed just one or two of them in a fight. They were a very rich and prestigious guild, never seen without full plate armor and a purple sash across their chests. RGB were trend-setters. They were the first to use the archer/mage combo, which quickly became the popular PvP character in late 97.

With their magic heavy x-bows and great skill in magery, they were by far our toughest opponents ever. They well outnumbered us at first, but we began taking new members like Imperial Zero, Azeworai, Inquisitor Vagma, Firestorm, Fear, Christation, Draco, Anacrotha, and Firestorm. When we all came together one day we decided to launch an attack on RGB's home base. We warred for hours that day, we outnumbered them 2 to 1 and couldn't get enough of killing those guys. We would eventually try to break into the tower after they stopped coming out to fight. And after about an hour of stacking tables and marking runes and recalling higher and higher into the air, we soon realized we could not get on top, or inside the tower at all. And we went back to our small villa and all huddled inside our house with the stone in it.

Not 2 minutes later, ALL of RGB shows up, surrounding the house. We were trapped. And our fearless leader happened to be tripping that day, and decided it would be fun to play with the door. * Open * * Close * * Open * * Close *. And soon RGB would be inside the house wiping us out. After they left the village we regrouped and planned another attack. We caught them as they were just getting back to their tower and succeeded in killing the lot of them, taking the keys to their tower and banishing their guild from the Great Lakes shard for good. We would only see one character after that carrying the name of an old RGB member.